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About Life Simple

LifeSimple is owned and operated by Lions Peak Financial Group Inc. (LPFG).  Founded in 2016, our purpose has always been to help Canadians access affordable Life Insurance, Critical Illness and to promote financial literacy.  We dreamed up and then started developing LifeSimple to provide an efficient, easy-to-use and fully automated application experience, available to all adults in Canada.  Over 40% of Canadians do not have any life insurance and a majority of Canadians say they would like to buy Term Life Insurance online.  Term Life Insurance is an affordable and simple entry point for most Canadians on any size budget.  LifeSimple provides a pressure and hassle-free buying experience that truly puts our clients in the driver’s seat.  


$100K - $10M

Life insurance coverage for people ages 18–65.

Fast & Efficient

Apply for life insurance from start to finish in 10 minutes.

Real Choice

A custom plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.